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So following on from the amazing apartment on last weeks blog, I wanted to show you some interesting ways of injecting colour. Generally when we think of adding colour to a room, we generally think of the walls, or accessories. So here are some great ways of adding colour in different ways.

It is becoming very trendy now to mix and match your dining chairs, but we love the use of the same chairs in different colours in the above image. It is very simple but still making a huge statement.

When choosing a kitchen, I’m pretty sure that the majority of us will opt for a neutral colour, generally white, but how amazing is the kitchen above. Keeping the rest of the kitchen neutral and simple has allowed the bold splash of green to really stand out. I think that this is a fantastic way to inject colour.

Now while I wouldn’t paint all the doors in the house a vibrant colour, it could work really well in just one are, such as the door into the utility room.

I am a huge fan of rugs. I think that they are a fantastic way to inject colour and warmth in a room. And if you keep the majority of the space neutral then you can go as colourful as you like on the rug. It can also be easily moved to another room should you tire of it down the line.

Image Source: All images sourced on www.pinterest.com

Bold colours are generally not considered for the garden, but how amazing is the pink wall in the above garden. Lets face it, Ireland can be quite dull a lot of the time, so why not paint your garden wall or shed a vibrant colour, and you garden will look fab even on the greyest of days.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks news letter and got some inspiration from it.

If you are still feeling uninspired or your just a bit stuck, then why not avail of our Open Studio. You can pop into the office for a cuppa and a chat at no charge and all you have to do is call 01 4370933 to make an appointment.

Be Creative…..

Joanne & the Think Contemporary team.


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