3 Ways of Introducing Cool Light!

Good Morning!

I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. So I wanted to stay in the living room for this weeks newsletter, but I’m looking at lighting.

Lighting is an area that is so often over looked and it is so important. In certain rooms we need really good overhead light and in other rooms we want a more atmospheric feel and the living room is one of these rooms. I know that I very rarely turn on the overhead light in my living room, as lamps are a much nicer light to relax in. So, I am looking at all the different types of lighting for the living room, and you can pick your own favourites.

Ceiling Pendants 

Pic 1

You don’t just have to put one large ceiling pendant in the middle of the room, think outside the box a bit with this one. I particularly love the group of three pendants hanging together low over the coffee table.

Pic 2

Hanging a pendant in the corner of a room, can be a great substitute for a floor lamp particularly if it is hung that bit lower than standard.

Pic 3 Wall Lights

Pic 4

There are lots of options when it comes to wall lights, other than the very standard ones, or picture lights. The wall lights above are very functional, and act as reading lights, instead of a having a floor lamp. If you want to add a touch of quirky then why not go for large letter lights.

Pic 5

Floor Lamps

Pic 6

Floor Lamps are the easiest way to introduce calm and casual light. Again you don’t just have to go for a very basic light, you can add a real feature with a floor lamp. Check out some of these ones!

Pic 7

So if you have been struggling with you lighting or just want to add something unique and quirkier then why not try our some of these options.

Be Creative….

The Think Contemporary Team.


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