5 Drool Worthy Cafe’s/Restaurants From Around The World


Today’s consumer is looking for a lot more than they were 10 years ago. It is not good enough to just have great coffee, or great food today, it is about the whole experience.

That is why we are bringing 5 amazing cafe and restaurant projects from around the world to you today. These guys have really hit the nail on the head and are providing more than just a good cuppa!

Check them out:

Pastel Rita, Montreal

Designed by Appareil Architecture, this Montreal cafe combines a beautiful mix of colour pattern and form. The space itself comprises of a cafe, artisan’s workshop and boutique.

Toby’s Estate Cafe, Sydney

Designed by Studio Tate, this Sydney cafe is both elegant and inspiring. They have used a beautiful mix of materials giving a really high end finish.

Chica Cafetin, Brooklyn

Designed by C Wall Architecture, this South American inspired cafe in Brooklyn mixes beautiful contemporary elements with bold floral patterns, giving a very new and contemporary feel.

Pirana, London

Designed by Sella Concept, this beautiful restaurant in Balham London, has really hit it the nail on the head. The vibrant colours and brass details gives a very playful but elegant feel.

PNY Marais, Paris

Designed by Cut Architecture, this playful burger joint, has designed the space in a way, that old and new live in harmony together.

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Be Creative….
The Think Contemporary Team.