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Good Morning!

So we side stepped a little in our last newsletter to show you one of our latest projects, but we want to go back to the bedroom this week. Bedrooms can be pretty tricky to get right, as there needs to be a balance between functionality, comfort and style. This week we want to look at 5 different elements that you need to consider when designing your bedroom.


Ok, so first and foremost your bedroom needs to be comfortable. I mean what is the point otherwise….. So you should invest in the largest bed that your room can take, whether that is a double or a super king. You also need to consider the other elements of the room and ensure that each area is not only comfortable but easily accessible and easy to use.


Storage is one of the most important elements in a bedroom, particularly if you don’t have a walk in wardrobe. Ensure that you have adequate storage for your requirements. So, if you tend to hang all of your clothes as opposed to folding them, then you need more hanging space and less drawer space. Do intend to do you make up in your bedroom? Is the light in this space good enough? Remember, you can never have enough storage, but make sure that it is the right kind.


Introducing nice textiles is a way to incorporate both comfort and style. Depending on your own style, likes and dislikes, textiles can be introduced in a number of ways, and they will also really help to finish off a room. So consider what type of curtains or blinds you are going to use. If you have a timber floor, why not consider the use of a rug, as it will add a soft texture under foot. Some people love cushions and throws on the bed, and some just don’t. So if you are a lover of them, then incorporate some lovely colours and fabrics.


A mixture of lighting is the way to go in your bedroom, as you will need different types of light for different tasks. A bright light will be needed for areas such as your wardrobe and bedside (for reading). While a softer light should be considered elsewhere.


Finally accessories, will add the much needed final details, from mirrors, to shades and cushions to rugs, as I mentioned above. These are the items that will pull the entire concept for the room together and put that personal stamp on the space. So don’t be afford to really inject your personality here.

Just remember that it is “your” bedroom, and should reflect your needs and personality.

Be Creative….
The Think Contemporary Team.