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In the past few years, three letters have become familiar to most of us: WFH (work from home). Nowadays, many companies are allowing their employees full time remote positions, or at least some hybrid variants. Thus, having a functional and comfortable home office has become an imperative for many of us.

Home offices are a place within your home where you can pursue your interests and grow your business, while separating your work from the rest of your home. A great home office should inspire you, and also keep you focused and productive. If you are currently looking into designing the ultimate home office, continue reading as we at Think Contemporary team have gathered some great insider tips for you.


  1. Functionality First

Your workspace must be functional. You should be able to work efficiently and comfortably, without any distractions. Ergonomic and well-designed furniture and computer equipment will enable you to work without back or neck strain for long hours. Wireless equipment will keep your desk cord-free, will give you flexibility during the working hours.

Storage and organisational units and cabinets will keep the desk surface neat and tidy, and will keep paperwork, books and other distractions tucked away.


  1. Appropriate Lighting

Great lighting is one of the crucial elements of having a comfortable and pleasant working environment.  Lighting affects both your well being and productivity. Therefore, choosing the correct lighting fixtures is key to a functional office design. Cooler white lights will help you stay awake and focus, and are therefore better for working areas. Pendant lamps above the desk or auxiliary desk lamps are the best luminaires for lighting the dedicated task areas.

On the other hand if your place has a great source of daylight, turn this advantage into an integral part of your home office design. Place your desk facing the window or perpendicular to one of them, to get the most out of the sunlight.


  1. Keep Your Technology Tidy and Organized

Plan your office in advance. That way you will prevent potential tripping hazards due to cables running all over the floor. Some furniture companies design desk solutions with built-in USB plugs, or even electric sockets for a neater look. Going for wireless technologies, such as mice, keyboards, speakers or even printers will keep your working surface cable and clutter free. Wireless technology will also enable your home office space to be more flexible, as most of these devices can be moved around easily.


  1. Choose Your Colour Palette

Colours can greatly impact how we feel about a certain space. Colours like shades of blue, green and will help you stay focused and optimistic. On the other hand yellow sparks creativity and efficiency.

You can also opt for neutral colours like earth tones, greys, or browns for a more calming working environment.

If you need to determine your home office space within a larger open space, think about painting the walls around your desk in different hue, this could act as a visual partition from the other parts of your home.

Colours can also be introduced in the form of accents, through décor, art, stationary or plant pots.


  1. Décor

Once you have all the functional elements of your home office figured out it is time for the fun part- decoration. They will help you turn your office space into a pleasant environment where you actually want to spend your time in. Décor will bring personality, style and colour in your space.

Here are some decorative elements to take into account:

  • Plants
  • Artwork
  • Stationary
  • Other objects of interest (family photos, candles, flower vases, etc.)

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