5 Key Office Design Trends for 2017

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So trends come and go in interiors and that doesn’t just relate to home interiors. Design trends are also evident in office design and it is important to keep track of these as you you want to future proof.

Today we are looking at 5 key design trends for 2017:

Flexible Layouts

It is essential to have a well designed and thought out office space that can adapt to different tasks with the ever changing technology in today’s busy work environment. An essential element of design in 2017 will be adaptable spaces that can change to suit different requirements. Smart selection of furniture and design that has key flexible elements will allow your workspace to be efficient and grow into the future.


With the introduction of the “WELL” standard, health and well-being of employees is now taking a more significant role in office design. It has long been evident that the productivity of an employee is directly impacted by their health and happiness within the workplace. This leads to less staff turnover, sick leave and the cost of such. Things such as areas for both collaboration and privacy, sit stand desks, indoor plants, comfort and lighting can all increase the productivity and well-being of your staff.

Outdoors Indoors

The trend of bringing outdoor space inside won’t be going anywhere too fast and is directly linked to well-being within the workspace. The majority of offices don’t have a huge amount of light and your employees on average spend 8 hours a day in doors. So I think that it is fairly easy to see the benefits of bringing natural elements into the office. Living Walls, Plants, Light and Air purity are all great ways of improving your office environment.


With the increased popularity of the open plan office, comes some issues in relation to acoustics and privacy. Now I’m not saying that the open plan layout is going anywhere but the fundamentals of productivity in the workplace needs to be addressed. Acoustics are now playing a huge part in the design process and are being incorporated as norm in the process. The products available have also grown enormously with more options that just panels.
Integrated Technology


Offices that are integrating with technology is a design trend that is very much on the rise, and it’s easy to see why. Technology has crept into every part of our lives and our workplace is no different. Wireless charging of devices will soon be commonplace and a feature that we think will be embraced by most workplaces.

Has your office embraced any of these trends yet and if not, do you think that you will? Investing in these areas will allow your company office to stay ahead of the curve and embrace future technologies and trends.

If you’re workspace is lacking in any of these areas and you would like to discuss how you can change this. Please contact us here to arrange your free consultation.

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