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Most people spend a third of their lives in the office. As a result, your current and potential future employees will value the comfort and overall interior design of the office space you provide them with. Attracting reliable high-quality employees to your business can be done through wise and strategic interior design.

Here at Think Contemporary, we have gathered five excellent ideas to help you design an office space that will certainly attract and retain top talent in your company.

1. Reflect Your Company’s Values
It’s no secret that high-quality employees are attracted by salary, work type and employment benefits. What’s equally important for the modern day worker is the company’s culture and it’s values.

Your company’s office space is the best representation of your company’s culture. Great office design impacts people on a more basic level – through comfort, aesthetics and emotional well-being. The right space can become a powerful attractor for top talents and quality candidates. It’s clear that exceptional design matters.

2. Prioritise the Well Being of Your Employees
In 2022, your focus should be on your employee’s well being. Your personnel wants to feel cared for. This can be achieved by designing work-spaces to support a number of their needs, including: 

  • Collaboration spaces – for both formal and informal purposes
  • Focus spaces – quiet rooms for taking calls, focusing on private work or a meeting
  • Recharge spaces – to relax and unwind

3. Good Lighting and Air Quality
Exposure to natural light has great benefits on the human body. It improves concentration, elevates our mood and can even improve our sleeping habits. Provide your employees with natural light, as much as possible.

If exposure to natural light is not an option, look for some good alternatives. Switching your office lighting from fluorescent to LED is good for your employees, but also for the environment.

Air quality can also have a significant impact on your personnel. The productivity and health of your staff directly depends on the freshness and cleanliness of the air. Air filtration systems and open windows seem like two obvious solutions here.

Indoor greenery can improve the air quality and can help in the filtration processes.

4. Design Your Workplace Around Employee Needs
Every team within your company should have a working environment that suits their needs. Your software engineering team will have different needs and wishes in comparison to your sales team. Listen to their concerns and requirements and design your office space to fulfil their needs.

Take into consideration the number of private meeting rooms required by teams and departments and locate them conveniently throughout the office space.

5. Provide Additional Amenities
By offering additional amenities you can place yourself above your competitors. The size of your company and its budget may influence the type of amenities you will opt for. However, there are lots of different options within any budget that staff will appreciate.

We advise you to focus on one or two options. And even better, if you can’t decide, ask your employees. They will often be happy to get an input and appreciate the opportunity to communicate their needs and wishes.

As office design experts, we have designed and worked on many different office spaces to ensure that each individual client is getting what they need. As leading interior designers in Ireland we specialise in creating agile working environments that attract the top talent to your business. 

Are you thinking about an office refurbishment to take your workplace to the next level? Contact us today to speak to one of our designers.

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