50 Shades of Grey!!!!

Good morning!

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend.

So , we were introduced to Little Greene’s gorgeous new grey’s palette last week, which has a fab selection of tonal grey paint colours. With this in mind and also being huge fans of grey, we thought that we would show you how to decorate with grey this week.

There are a huge amount of people out there that are terrified of decorating with grey, as we live in a dull climate, but all you need to do is steer away from blue grey tones and add pops of colour!!!!


Pic 1

A great way to introduce grey into your hallway is to use different tones, i.e a paler grey on the walls and a darker grey on the floor or banisters, and then off set it with lots of art or a pop of colour, like this fab yellow chair.

Pic 2


Pic 3

If you are considering grey on your kitchen units, I would always go for the darker tone on the bottom presses. This will give a good base, and it won’t dominate the room. As you can see in all these images the darker tone is always on the bottom.

Pic 4

Living Room

Pic 5

When we think of tones of grey, it doesn’t have to be dark tones. This fab living room (above) is a gorgeous blend of pale tones. Ok perhaps its a tad cold for Ireland, but I love it all the same.

Pic 6

If you are looking for something a little warmer, then opt for slightly darker tones. Brown grey’s as opposed to blue grey’s work better in our climate, and then why not add a vibrant pop of colour.

Pic 7


Pic 8

Grey can be a really cosy colour to use in a bedroom, particularly if you want to achieve a cocoon effect. Painting everything in the same colour i.e walls, floor ceiling,  can really achieve this effect.

Pic 9

Don’t be afraid to use grey in your kids rooms either. How cool is this grey star pattern below?

Pic 10

If you have been hesitant to use grey, I really hope that I have opened you up to the possibilities. Just be careful about the tones, and if you’re not sure grab a couple of sample pots of paint and paint them up on the wall.

Until next week.

Be Creative…..

The Think Contemporary team.

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