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Home renovation can be a daunting task particularly if you have never done a renovation project before.  

There are plenty of myths doing the rounds which can add to that stress and anxiety. From working in the industry for over 20 years, we’ve heard them all! So today, we wanted to debunk some of them for you, which will help save you time, money, and reduce any potential stress.

Myth 1: Hiring a professional costs more than doing the renovation yourself

You may think that hiring a professional means your project will end up costing more. In fact many people do, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A professional interior architect or designer, will know how to design the space and manage a successful project. 

Having worked on hundreds of projects, we have the experience to avoid the costly and time-consuming mistakes that can be made if managing it yourself. We’re able to foresee upcoming problems and will know how to avoid them. We have trade contacts who we are able to source materials or products that wouldn’t be available to access otherwise. As well as that, we have a proven process which makes sure the job is completed on time and to a very high standard. 


Myth 2: You have to hire an architect

This is not always the case, you only need an architect if you are making structural changes to your property or want an architecturally designed house. As interior architects and designers, alongside a quantity surveyor, we are able to do everything needed to run a smooth renovation project from start to finish. 

When working together, we work closely with you to understand how the space is used and the specific needs of those areas, as well as looking at the design and aesthetics of the space. We have detailed knowledge of spatial planning and construction framework to work on a project from concept through to completion.

So, think long term when you decide if you’re going to hire a professional for your renovation projects. What they cost you upfront will more than pay for itself, and save you a lot of headaches along the way.

Myth 3: An interior designer is hired towards the end of a project to add the final touches and styling to a room

This is a very common myth in our industry, however in our business this is one of the biggest misconceptions. Really someone should engage with us at the very beginning so we can work together on designing the concept and really define exactly what you want from the whole space. We also have a network of trusted suppliers, contractors and contacts we can use to work on the project, saving you the hassle of finding someone who you don’t know. 


Myth 4: You shouldn’t reveal your budget

There is often a misunderstanding that revealing your financial limits to your interior designer or contractor will result in them going over the budget. This is by no means the case. When we work with you we will work within the parameters of your budget, ensuring that we are designing a home that you will love and be able to afford.

We have the knowledge and experience to know where to spend more and where to cut back without compromising the design. There is a trusted relationship built up when working together, we would work together to keep the project on track.


Myth 5: An interior designer will force you to choose things they love but you don’t

This should absolutely not happen, it is your home and you should love every part of it! We would work with you to help define your style and understand exactly what you want. Open communication and listening to what our clients want is one of our highest priorities.

Myth 6: Renovation projects always last longer and cost more than initially expected

Research and planning are two key factors you can’t avoid when it comes to a successful renovation project. This is why having experience in similar home improvement projects or hiring a trusted professional is important.

By contracting an experienced interior architect and designer, you can be sure that the renovation will go as smoothly as possible. We will inspect the property, accurately estimate the costs, and find the right suppliers and contractors for you. Also, we oversee the quality of work as it progresses, so that it is as hassle-free for you as possible! 

We hope that has helped dispel some of the myths and uncertainty around home renovation projects. We are the amoung the leading interior designers in Dublin and Ireland and have the expertise to design and deliver your dream home.

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