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In the competitive business surroundings of today, companies can no longer afford to lose high quality personnel with huge potential. Studies have shown that there is a direct connection between your staff’s motivation and performance, and their working environment.

Interior design is the one of the most essential factors in any work place when it comes to employee performance. Good interior design tells a lot about you company’s culture and values, but also plays a vital role in the accomplishments of your employees.

The design of your office must support your workforce, and favour them in every aspect of their work process, and during the entirety office hours.

Here at Think Contemporary, we have gathered some practical advice and created a short guide on how to boost your employee’s productivity via interior office design.

1. Spatial Planning

When creating a layout for your office, keep all co-dependent departments close. Departments that require silence, like accounting and finance should be placed far away from the sales or marketing departments that are usually noisy.

Enable open and flexible space to promote interaction between employees, but also have in mind those quite zones where deep dive sessions are made.

Calculate how many meeting rooms per department are necessary and plan them around dedicated departments.

Don’t forget about breakout zones such as canteen, chill out zones, cafe or gym. These facilities will enable your employees to unwind during the breaks and interact with other people that might not be in their teams.

All these tricks in layout planning will meet the requirements of each department and will boost productivity and encourage engagement.

2. Biophilic Design and Lighting

Here at Think Contemporary, we talk a lot about the importance of the wellness of your employees. Well-lit offices with healthy, fresh air are essential for keeping staff spirits high and boosting their performance.

Greenery, purifying air filters, access to natural light, or well thought artificial lighting, are all key to the well being of your employees. Studies have shown that having no access to natural light can be harmful to the human body and can go as far as to cause sleep disruption and depression as well. Exposure to natural light has positive impacts on the brain. It reduces tiredness, dizziness and other negative reactions.

3. Ergonomic Furniture

The more attention you pay to making your office a comfortable place to work from, the higher the performance of your staff will become. This is why good ergonomic practices are crucial for any working environment.

Prioritise functional and ergonomic furniture, fixtures, equipment and accessories. Uncomfortable items will quickly cause back, neck or wrist pain, which will prevent your employees from being able to focus on their tasks.

Invest in comfortable office chairs, tables that are the right height, as well as the ergonomics of your mouse and keyboards. Your employees will be thankful.

4. Technology and Equipment

Wireless internet is available everywhere these days. It keeps our office spaces cable free and therefore more comfortable. 

Modern computers, printers and other equipment will enable your staff to work faster and with less obstacles. Although it is a costly investment at first, upgrading your equipment will pay off quickly and the performance of your employees will increase undoubtedly.

5. Art and Décor

We as humans react to beautiful things. Art and décor can completely transform the interior of a workspace. 

By adding beauty to your work environment, you are allowing your employee’s brain to have a healthy distraction from their tasks. Art and carefully picked décor items influence the health, happiness and satisfaction of your employees, which of course leads to their better performance at work.

6. Influence of colour

Colours can have a huge impact on the psychology of your personnel. Using calm colour schemes in your office space is recommended. In small and confined places, opt for a natural colour palette.

By no means do we advise you against implementing bright and powerful colours, though. Moreover science tells us, that vibrant hues can stimulate creativity.

We at Think Contemporary have over 10 years experience in the office design sector and we continue to develop and hone our skills in this area.

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