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With the evenings getting darker and colder, it’s that time of year again, where we put the fire on and curl up on the sofa. So, with that in mind I’ve been looking at some gorgeous living rooms this week. Here are some of my favourites….

Colourful & Quirky

I am a huge fan of colour, and I think that adding colour to any interior, particularly your living room, can add warmth, cosiness and personality. However, you do have to be careful not to be too heavy handed with the colour.

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The easiest way to introduce some colour into your living room is on the smaller items. So, keep the larger pieces, such as your flooring, sofa and wall colour neutral and then you can add colourful and quirky rugs, cushions, artwork or accessories. Designing your room in this way, allows you to change the colour scheme and feel of the room easily and inexpensively down the line.

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Scandinavian Style

If you are not a fan of a lot of colour but you are still looking for cosy, then Scandinavian style could be the one for you.

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I love Scandinavian furniture. It is always really well designed, simple and classic, with traditional materials, such as wood and wool. Making for a really comfy interior.

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Dark & Luxurious

There is a widely spread myth out there, that painting your walls in a dark colour will shrink the room, and give it a cold atmosphere. This is not the case at all….. Using darker colours in your living room can be super cosy and inviting.

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Now you do have to be careful how you go about this style of interior, as it is quite dramatic, but it is very achievable. Firstly, you need to choose a warm wall colour, so brown greys as opposed to blue greys, or chocolaty tones. Then its all in the furniture and accessories. Large scale accessories, such as the oversized mirror in the image above gives the illusion of a larger space. Oversized light fittings, such as a large chandelier would work in the same way. It is then important to add pops of vibrant colour to offset the darker wall, whether that’s a bright red chair or a mustard cushion. Basically the more interesting pieces that you put in the room and on your walls the better.

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My living room is my favourite room in my house and I think that us Irish use our living rooms a lot. So I hope that I have inspired you to create an interesting and cosy interior for the cold months ahead.

If you are planning on giving your living room and upgrade in the coming months and would like some advice, you can contact me at [email protected]

Be Creative…

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