Blackboards are not just for school!

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend, minus the weather of course. I recently painted a panel of my kitchen with blackboard paint. We use it for shopping lists, menus and notes and its so handy. So I wanted to have a look at  some of the different ways that you can incorporate blackboards into your home.

Entrance Hall  

Pic 1

We really love the some of these home owners have used blackboard. We particularly like the painted paneled door. It’s very quirky and can be easily changed when you grow tired of it.

Pic 2Kitchen

Pic 3How cool is that painted splashback? Such a clever use of the paint and it gives a really functional element to this fab kitchen.

Pic 4Kids Spaces

Pic 5Blackboards really are fantastic for kids. They can scribble all over the wall and you don’t have to worry about it, but if you don’t want to paint the entire wall here are a few other iedas. How cute is the little house?

Pic 6Furniture

Pic 7

While this is not a conventional option at all, painting some pieces of furniture with blackboard gives it a cool edgy feel, whether there is writing on it or not.

If you haven’t considered blackboard paint yet, then why not try it out in a small area first and then go from there.

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Pic 4

Be Creative…..

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