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The interior design of your office space is more powerful than you may realise. Not only can your office design help you attract and retain the best employees, but it can boost productivity and foster creativity and innovation. The design decisions you make can even help to improve employee morale and ensure employees are satisfied whilst working for your company. 

High morale is so important and it’s directly linked to everything from employee engagement to loyalty, and all companies should proactively try to boost employee morale throughout their organisation. Here at Think Contemporary, we can work with you to design a working environment that increases morale and some of the ways you can use your office interior design to your advantage in this regard include; 

Provide different working zones

Open-plan offices are incredibly popular these days and there are several benefits associated with working from an open space. Should you decide to implement an open-plan layout, it’s beneficial to also consider employees’ working styles when creating a floor plan. 

Lots of companies are now choosing to use partitions throughout their open-plan workspace to create different working zones and this enables employees to work from a space where they can perform at their best. Combining open-plan working with collaboration zones and focus zones, for example, can improve working relationships and have a positive impact on morale.

Don’t be afraid of colour 

Traditionally, offices have minimalistic designs and they can be quite clinical looking, but simply adding a splash of colour to your workspace can be very beneficial. Colour has the ability to affect employees’ feelings and emotions, and it can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your office space. Finding new ways to incorporate colour into your interior design can help you to create a welcoming ambience in your office.

Create a breakout zone

In addition to working zones, you should consider providing employees with a breakout zone they can use during the day. This informal area will give employees somewhere to escape to and they can de-stress, relax and recharge, helping to prevent burnout. 

Creating a breakout area will show your employees that you care about their well-being and supporting mental health in the workplace is undeniably important. Your breakout zone can also help to prevent employees from disturbing one another when some are on their breaks and others are still working, and this can all help to improve morale. 

Balance functionality, style and comfort 

Your employees spend so much time at work and you need to bear this in mind when working on your office space design. Try to create a comfortable environment for them and the office furniture you choose can help you do so. Ergonomics is a key consideration for any workplace design and ergonomic furniture can keep your employees safe and supported. Comfort is arguably just as important as functionality and style when it comes to furniture. 

Bring the outdoors in 

Biophilic office design is something all office design companies are talking about and the physiological and psychological benefits associated with this modern design concept can help you to boost morale. Creating a nature-minded office design that incorporates natural elements and floods the space with natural light can improve general health and well-being, and make your office a nicer place to spend time in. 

Getting some assistance with a modern office design 

If your office design is outdated and you’d like to create a new design that helps you boost employee morale, get in touch with the Think Contemporary team. We have been assisting companies with office interior design for over three decades and we really are experts in this field. We can work closely with you to create a design that meets your objectives and we thrive on transforming office spaces with creative and unique solutions. 

You can enlist our help in confidence knowing we provide an end-to-end service and we will support you throughout the whole renovation process. Our leading office designers will be a great addition to your project and we are dedicated to making your renovation a success. If you have any questions about office design or how we can help to make your business stand out from the crowd, don’t hesitate to contact us today.