Come into the Dark!

Good Morning,

So I was talking about colour blocking last week, and this week I want to look at the completely opposite spectrum – blacks and greys. These are colours that a lot of people are afraid to use, but I think that if used carefully they can look amazing. And they can create a really cosy atmosphere in a room.

Barely Black

If you are brave enough to use black, the trick, particularly in an Irish climate is to mix it with really vibrant colours. Check out the amazing living room below.

Entrance Hall


Living Room


Gorgeous Grey

Now if you feel that black is going a step too far into the dark side for you, then why not opt for a dark grey instead. The trick to using grey is to go for a brown grey, which is warm and cosy, as opposed to going for a blue grey which can be very cold.

Entrance Hall

Dining Room

Living Room


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Well I hope that we have got you thinking differently about the darker colours in life and that you might just feel brave enough to give it a go…..

Be Creative….

The Think Contemporary team.

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