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Commercial Interior Design Solutions to Fit the Needs of Your Business.


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What is Commercial Interior Design?

Commercial interior design at its most basic is the functional design and layout of a commercial premises in which the employees reside – such as an office, retail space or most workplaces. However, for our purposes, commercial interior design is the process and outcome of a project designed to increase the productivity of your business and the staff who work there.

Difference Between Residential and Commercial Design?

At risk of stating the obvious but residential interior design focuses on homes and apartments, whereas commercial interior design realizes workspaces for businesses, and can play a key role in setting the culture and ways of working within that business. The main areas we focus our commercial interior design efforts on are office design, hospitality design – including bar & restaurant design and hotel design, coworking spaces and student accommodation.

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Think Contemporary provided the perfect mix of professional on-trend advice, support, leadership, reliability and availability. – Neil Collins, HR Director, Saon Group

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Office Design
Over the years, our studio has worked with many construction contractors. With the best of them, we support contacts. If there is such a need, we can select a contractor for your project.
Hospitality Design
We provide a full range of services to the hospitality sector – whether your project is in restaurant design, hotel interior design or bar rebrand or refurbishment – we are the right choice for your project.
Coworking Spaces
In cities all over the world we are seeing a change in how people work and how offices are thought of. The likes of coworking giants like WeWork have brought the concept of coworking spaces to the mainstream with their Silicon Valley style of interiors and rethinking how an office or workplace should look and function.
Student Accom.
The market for student accommodation in Ireland is increasingly active, with top universities and more traditional housing options becoming scarcer. In the uk for example 2017, the amount invested in purpose-built student accommodation in grew from £4.5bn in 2016 to £5.3bn. Make sure your Student Accomodation project stands out from the crowd and attracts the right target market to maximise returns.
What does a commercial interior designer actually do?

While the role of interior designers can sometimes be thought of as just decorative, it is anything but. On a commercial interior design project professional interior designers (like our team) regularly work on an array of complex areas to bring in a successful project – this can include working with other professionals such as architects and engineers as part of a project team, and requires detailed knowledge of:

  • Policy, rules and regulations that can impact the project;
  • Management of tradespeople and project timelines;
  • Spatial planning and design – whether the space is for public or office use;
  • Current and future design styles;
  • Appropriate use of materials and construction;
  • Health and Safety awareness;
  • Procurement practices and value for money;
  • Regulations and approvals;
  • Technical requirement (AV, Lighting, Acoustics);
  • Stakeholder engagement

Workplans can range from client-engagement on appropriate finishes and colour schemes – along with fabrics, furniture and fittings. On larger scale projects we consult on the full-scale redevelopment of multiple workspaces, up to and including; project management, overseeing the procurement of trades and materials – preparation of production information and preparing estimates, as well as seeking appropriate approvals and inspecting work on site.

Want a Professional Interior Design Team for Your Project?

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