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Student Accommodation Design


Student Accommodation Design Specialists




For many years, student accommodation was mainly catered for by the private landlord sector – using a mix of shared rental housing and rent-a-room / lodger arrangements (aka digs). This has been changing over time but even then the type of student-specific housing on offer was more, shall we say, functional – it had no hint of design or style about it, and that was fine then.

Over the past decade, the number of small-scale landlords working with students has lowered – in part due to increased regulation, rising property prices, and other factors. However, now a fast growing market is emerging in Europe of purpose-built, private-sector student accommodation.

Student Accommodation Design Service


Specialist developers have come to the market willing to provide large developments purpose built for students, and marketing to those students in college nearby or to the University itself. These new developments offer students an increase in living standards, in a student focused building and enables students to immerse themselves in the college experience – albeit at a price.

Our Commercial Interior Design team work with clients to provide high-quality student dormitories which have become an integral part of many colleges offering to potential students, which in turn provides a relatively safe and high-performing investment.

More About Student Accommodation Design.

What should you bring into your considerations if you have a student accommodation design project in mind?

We aim to address come of the key aspects below:

  • Our colleges and universities are looking for high-quality accommodation that is well-located and will attract potential students. From the college’s perspective, if they’re to operate it, it is key that these dorms be easy to maintain and operate as well as being cost-effective in terms of upkeep as so on.
  • The residents (i.e Students) seek somewhere they can have the definitive college experience while giving them access to city or town facilities nearby as well as opportunities to socialize with friends and study as and when they require.
  • Students also need a place that helps them adjust to independent living and all that comes with that.
  • Parents will want assurances that their sons and daughters are safe, have everything they need (within reason) and that the accommodation provides them with good value for money.

What Else to Consider For Your Student Accommodation Project?

  • The space should be able to be personalised by the student – and be easily to good condition after the student departs.
  • Students have lots of books and bags – you will need good storage solutions.
  • Picking up on the ‘personalization’ aspect again – durability of fixtures, finishes and furniture is important.
  • Sufficient services to meet demand – Wifi at peak hours. Hot Water provision in the morning etc.
  • Room temprature controls
  • Scheduling of and ease of general maintenance for minimum disruption to students.
  • Appropriate security levels, policies and procedures.

All of the above are key pieces to a successful and profitable student accommodation experience.