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I don’t know if any of you saw Grand Designs on Friday night but WOW! The building was an old cinema house that they converted into a beautiful home, using the original red brick and introducing timber and concrete. The design allowed the concrete to be a real feature in the house and it was absolutely stunning.

Concrete is considered an very ugly material by many and it is a necessary building material that should be covered up with some other material. Well I hope I will change your mind with my inspiration images. It is a adaptable material and when used and treated in the right way can create a pretty amazing feature……


Concrete is a great material to use in the kitchen instead of using the conventional granite or quartz.


It can also be a great substitute for tiles in a bathroom. But if you are going to use concrete in your bathroom, try to mix it with other materials such as timber. This will add warmth to the room.


Can you think of a more durable material for shelves???? I love the simple lines and elegance of these floating shelves.


There are numerous different ways a using and treating concrete, and one of these treatments is called Board Formed Concrete. This is a process where moulds are made put together lined with planks of timber. The concrete is then poured into the mould and allowed to try. When the concrete is removed from the mould, the grain and texture of the wood has transferred itself to the concrete. Such a beautiful treatment!

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We first came across these tiles last year at London Design week. They are from a Hungarian company called Ivanka and they are made entirely from concrete. They are a fantastic alternative if you like the idea of using concrete but think it may be too cold.

Well I really hope that I have changed your view of concrete and the you may consider using it in the near future.

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