Cooking with Colour!

Good Morning!

So following on from last weeks newsletter, I want to stay in the kitchen….

Lets say you were to change your kitchen next month, what colour would you select for your cabinets. I can guarantee that most of you out there will go with white, cream, off white, something very neutral, and i can totally understand this. It is a large purchase and you are going to have to live with it for quite a long time.

But, I want to so you some amazing kitchens that have introduced colour into the cabinets, whether its the entire kitchen or a two tone.

Bold & Blue
Pic 1

Dark Blue and Navy have really been making an appearance in the interiors world over the last year or so, and I am loving it. So much infact that I am more than likely opting for a navy kitchen myself in the next few months. (Stay tuned). If you have a south facing kitchen then you can really be bold and opt for an entire navy kitchen, however, if your kitchen is that bit darker then why not consider a two tone.

Pic 2

Gorgeous GreenPic 3

Now green is not a colour that I would think of when selecting a colour for a kitchen, but I have to admit, these are pretty cool. If you are considering this look, then you need to keep everything else pretty neutral and let the green do the talking.

Pic 4

Gracious GreyPic 5

If you not ready to take the leap into a bolder colour, then why not consider grey. It is still very neutral allowing you to add lots of colour and pattern elsewhere but adds something that white will just not give you. A touch a elegance perhaps…..

Pic 6

Radiant RedPic 7

For those of your with a more adventurous streak, red just might be the way to go. I think that is a wonderful colour to work with in the kitchen, particularly with our climate here in Ireland. It is warm and inviting and adds a touch of character to your kitchen. Ok, maybe a bit more character than a touch….. 🙂

Pic 8Until next week….

Be Creative!

The Think Contemporary Team.


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