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Awakening to the sound of my alarm at 4.30 on Thursday morning, it was time to get up and head to the airport. London Design Week here I come!!!!!

I love heading over to London this time of year, to get re-inspired and to check out the new designers and products coming to the market.  It is impossible to show you everything that I saw over there but here are a few of my highlights from 100% Design, Super Brands London and Tent London.

Kirath Ghundoo

Wallpaper has been back in fashion for a good few years now, but there is a new style of wallpaper now emerging. Surface Pattern designer Kirath Ghundoo is challenging the conventional pattern repeat with a mismatch and mix & match collection. I absolutely love this wallpaper and cannot wait for the right project to use it in. 🙂 Any takers…. ?

Image Source: Mismatch Collection

The  Mismatch collection introduces one design in 3 different colour ways, inspired from travel and encounters around Asia. There are no rules with this wallpaper, the end result is left entirely up to you.

Image Source: Mix & Match Collection

The Mix & Match Collection is much more varied, with a total of 7 patterns in the collection. The collection was designed to mix and match these patterns, hence the name, allowing you to create your desired finished product.

Invisible City

Since retro and vintage furniture started to reappear on the market again, numerous furniture companies have been recreating their version of retro. However,  Invisible City a furniture design company based in the UK are the first that I have seen really taking it to the next level.

Image Source:

Their furniture is obviously inspired by that of the mid twentieth century. However, with the introduction of the coloured doors and the elegance of the craftsmanship, these pieces would not look out of place in today’s’ advertising agencies.

Anne Kyyro Quinn

When I think of fabric, I generally think of upholstery, curtains, etc but London based designer Anne Kyyro Quinn is using fabric in a very unconventional way, Acoustic Wall Coverings.

Image Source:

The designer takes a sculptural approach when designing a piece and each of these beautiful wall coverings are designed specifically for a space or client.


To be honest, I could go on talking about the things that I saw in London forever….. So I thought that it would make more sense to do 2 more posts on London Design Week, over the coming weeks, one for those of you interested in residential design and one for those of you interested in commercial design.

I hope that you have enjoyed this weeks post. If you have any questions, you can contact me directly on [email protected]

Be Creative…..

Joanne & the Think Contemporary Team.




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