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So I’m a little late with this weeks newsletter due to the bank holiday. I hope you all enjoyed it and a big shout out to all who took part in the Dublin Mini Marathon….

This week I wanted to have a chat with you about kitchen splashbacks. There is a great opportunity to create a real feature in your kitchen, so here are some ideas.

Simple but Effective

Pic 1

So you don’t have to go mad to create a feature, simple tiles can be just as effective, either by changing the colour, or direction that they are laid.

Pic 2

Simple Patterns

Pic 3

You can also create interesting patterns with simple tiles. Introduce a few shades of the different colour (see below) or just add a detail to one side of the splashback.

Pic 4

Bold Patterns

Pic 5

If you are a bit more adventurous, a bold patterned tile is the way to go. I just love  mixing and matching tile patterns (see above). But remember to keep everything else simple if you opt for this style. You can create a feature that is just as WOW by going with a full pattern (see below)

Pic 6

Gorgeous Glass

Pic 7

If you don’t like the idea of tiles, then glass is another option. You can keep it very simple and go with a plain colour and there are numerous options available with this. Or, you can opt for a pattern. There are a few ways to achieve this. High end glass companies can print an image onto the glass, however you are stuck with it. Or you can order plain toughened glass and get an image printed onto vinyl (any good sign company can do this). All you have to do then is apply the vinyl to the back of the glass. This can then be peeled off in time when you want to change this.

Pic 8

Changing your splashback is a great way not only to create a feature but to inject a new lease of life into your kitchen, so get thinking…..

Be Creative…

The Think Contemporary Team.

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