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We were absolutely thrilled when Rothco, a fantastic Dublin advertising agency asked us to redesign their boardroom.


Before 1The original boardroom, although very cool, was completely white. The intention of this was to let their work do the talking. However having used the boardroom for over a year, they really felt that they need to warm up the room and give it a cooler, quirkier feel.

Before 2Concept Design

concept 1

We wanted to create a concept that was had lots of interesting features and textures, but that also allowed a space where they could present work to clients.

Concept 2

So we left almost 2 walls blank using a diagonal line to create a break between the busy and quiet areas.

Concept 3

AfterPic 1Ta daa….. Here is the finished product!

Pic 2

We used a mix of materials on the walls, digital wallcovering, paint and a brand new product called X-light. This is a large format tile that come in 3 x 1 meter panels. We were actually the first company in Ireland to use this product, which was very exciting. The finish that we used replicates that of oxidised metal.

Pic 3
Pic 4

We designed their new boardroom table and had it manufactured here in Dublin by BBSF Steel Fabrication. It was very important that the table was modular, so we created 4 seperate table tables, that sit together to create a large 16 seater table. Pic 5

Pic 6

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Be Creative….

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