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In last weeks newsletter, I showed you around a recent project that we completed. In this project, we designed a lot of furniture for our client as we were unable to source the right furniture. Unfortunately a lot of furniture showrooms have closed down in the last few years and we are finding that we are designing more and more furniture for our projects.

This is certainly not the most cost effective route to go down but it is much less expensive than people think, and you are getting a completely one off piece. So I want to show you some of the furniture that we have designed for clients in the past, just to give you an idea of whats possible.

Hall Storage

Hall Storage can be a tricky one to get right, and to be honest there isn’t a huge amount of variety out there. Here are two pieces of furniture that we designed specifically for halls. Above is a wall mounted unit that gives a huge amount of storage. We opted for a wall mounted piece here to keep the sense of space in the room. Below is a simple wall mounted cube with hooks. This is a great piece for small entrance halls and it is extremely functional.

Large Storage Units

There is definitely a lot more choice out there when it comes to larger storage units such as sideboards and shelving units, but it is still not always possible to find the right piece. Above is the house that I showed you last week, but I just wanted to show you the sideboard again. We had very limited space for this sideboard as it is in the narrowest part of the room, so we could not opt for a very deep sideboard. So after an endless amount of research and sourcing we designed this double height sideboard with sliding doors to really maximise the space.

We designed the shelving unit above for a client living in a one bedroom apartment that lacked storage space. Our client wanted a mixture of opened and closed storage which I think really added to the look of the unit.

The bookcase above was designed for a large living room in a holiday home. There was a very long blank wall that needed a statement piece of furniture, so we designed up this walnut veneer bookcase.

Radiator Covers

Whenever I mention using a radiator cover to a client, they generally shy away from the idea, as the traditional style radiator cover with a metal grill is the first thing that comes to mind. Generally speaking radiators are not the most attractive items in our homes, and they need to be disguised. So we designed these funky and contemporary radiator covers for a client who had a lot of unsightly radiators on show. What do you think?

Headboards and Bedside Tables 

There are a couple of ways that you can make a statement in your bedroom and the headboard is most certainly one of them. There are lots of different styles and designs, but we opted for a relatively simple design in a gorgeous aubergine fabric for the bedroom above.

The bedroom above is in a showhouse that we designed recently. This is the master bedroom which is in the attic space of the house. As there was not a huge amount of space we designed these wall mounted bedside tables to keep the floor space clear. We also have the headboard made. It is a very simple headboard but it really works in this space. The beauty with this type of furniture is that it can be sprayed any colour your like.

So if you are finding it difficult to source the perfect piece of furniture for your home, then why not consider getting it designed. It will make it all the more special…..

Be Creative….

The Think Contemporary Team.

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