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So I talked to you last week about the amazing designers that we saw at London Design Week for the commercial sector. This week I am going to have a look at some furniture and products for the residential sector.


Swedese are a Swedish furniture company specialising in hand crafted furniture. I have been a big fan of Swedese for a good few years now, so much so, that I have a 2 of their pieces in my own home. But when I saw them at 100% design this year, I was blown away.

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One of my favourite pieces is the tree coat stand and they have now introduced colours, ranging from pastel pink to a beautiful teal blue. These coat stands are so practical but they still look amazing as a stand alone piece.

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Mini Moderns

Mini Moderns are a UK based accessories company with a strong environmental ethos. Most of their products are manufactured in the UK from sustainable products and they have just launched a range of paint which is made from waste water based paint.

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They also have a great range of wallpapers, all printed on paper from sustainable forests. The wallpapers above, Backgammon and Paisley Cresent are from their latest range launched this year. I particularly love the backgammon pattern which also comes in grey/mustard, grey and grey/blue.

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What I really love about this brand is that they don’t match everything. Each range has wallpaper, cushions, cups and some times a few other accessories, but they pattern is modified slightly on each product. They are a collection but they are not matchy matchy!

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Tamasyn Gambell

Tamasyn Gambell is a UK  textile designer. She is another designer with a strong environmental ethos, using only the most eco friendly methods of production available. All her linens are sourced in Ireland, believe it or not and then printed in the UK.

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She has a beautiful range of cushions and fabrics available. Her new range has been designed specifically with Autumn months in mind. This is very evident in the colour palette that Tamasyn has used.

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Tamasyn has also collaborated with the UK furniture company Forest London, upcycling mid century pieces with her beautiful linen fabrics, which she sell in her store in London.

I hope that you have gained some inspiration from this weeks post. We were certainly inspired by London Design week, and I can’t wait to use some of the products that we found in our upcoming projects.

If you have an questions or if you are just feeling uninspired, why not contact me at [email protected] and I would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Be Creative….

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