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Hey there!

So following on from my last blog, we are moving it into the kitchen for this weeks inspiration.

Week 2: The Kitchen
All the time I hear people saying that they want to go for a neutral kitchen because they are afraid that they will tire of it if they opt for a colour. I can totally understand this and lets face it, if and when you decide to change your kitchen, its a pretty big investment. However, your kitchen can still have lots of interest even if you do decide to stay neutral.

Adding timber to your kitchen, whether that is in the cabinets or the floor will add warmth and texture to the space. Play with tones and pattern to create a really interesting and unique kitchen.
I particularly love the kitchen on the right in the image below. You certainly cannot say that this kitchen is plain or boring but the colours are all kept neutral.

If you really have your heard set on going for an all white kitchen then try to add interesting elements, such as the extended island in the image below. Your furniture is also key in a kitchen like this and really needs to pack a punch.

Now for the braver ones among you, its all about colour and pattern. Embracing these elements can really bring your kitchen to a whole different level. Blue or navy seems to be the colour of the moment (I even have a blue kitchen myself) but I absolutely love the green tones in the images below. It is still calming enough not to be in your face but adds so much to the space.

All images were source from www.pinterest.ie

So if your kitchen is on the list this year, try to step a little bit outside your comfort zone.

Be Creative….
The Think Contemporary Team.