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Moving on, this week we are checking out the bathroom….

Week 4: The Bathroom

Again, this is a space that is used on a daily basis and sometimes can be over looked. Ok, so we don’t spend as much time in this room as we do in other rooms in our homes, butĀ  that’s no reason to let it fall behind in the design stacks.

Whether you prefer a more minimalist look or you will opt for something eclectic, we have all the bases covered. Check themĀ out….

Minimalist and simply design bathrooms can be exquisite, but you really have to have great attention to detail. The finishes need to be perfect and to give it a real wow factor, opt for black or brass fittings. These may be slightly more expensive but well worth the money.

If black and white it not your thing, then colour can work wonderfully in a bathroom. We particularly love the blue bathroom below. Simple but super effective.

Not feeling colour on the walls or floors then why not introduce some into your fittings. Yes, coloured sanitary ware is on the way back in and we are loving the pink sinks in the image below. Remember, you heard it hear first…..

Feeling a little braver, then why not opt for some pattern. A lot of clients tell me that they are afraid to go for patterns, as they will tire of them, but I don’t think that this is the case. If you are very careful in what you select and ensure that the palette works well, then don’t be afraid of pattern embrace it.

Now, these last 2 images are not for the faint hearted…… The vast majority of us will opt for something along the lines of the above images, but for some of you, that’s just not enough. Check out our last 2 amazing bathrooms for some mega inspiration.

All images were sourced from www.pinterest.com

Just remember, you don’t spend a huge amount of time in your bathrooms on a daily bases, so try to be a bit braver in this space, and opt for something amazing….

Be Creative….
The Think Contemporary Team.