Here’s One We Made Earlier!

So since, we showed you some of the office spaces that we love from around the world last week, I thought that I would show you one of the office spaces that we designed. This is the office space for a mobile network brand based in Dublin. They wanted to totally get away from the corporate style, so we were asked to create a space that was young, fresh and innovative.

Dividing the workspace into two very distinctive spaces, we kept the front section of the office very functional with an open plan desk layout. We didn’t want the space to feel too serious though, so we added some vibrant colours and artwork, including a play on their logo.

The back section of the office is a much more relaxed environment. Our client wanted a space that could be used both to work in, and to chill out in. So we added a larger modular seating area, offset with smaller seating areas, to give our client variety allowing the space to be reconfigured when necessary. We used a wallpaper on one wall, to create texture and interest, giving depth to the space.

We didn’t want the interior to look too linear and contemporary, so we added a mix of contemporary and traditional style furniture. We are big fans of mixing styles here, so adding a big traditional wingback chair into a really contemporary space, is the perfect mix.

We love to source and reuse second hand and vintage furniture, and this was a fantastic opportunity to do something a little bit different. Can you spot the reconditioned furniture? I will give you a little hint, you can work and have your lunch at one of them …..

I really believe that using reconditioned or vintage furniture gives an interior an edge over using all new furniture and its easier on the pocket. 🙂

If you are considering renovating or moving office we would be delighted to meet with you, if only to point you in the right direction. Creating an office space that is innovative and exciting can really work wonders for your brand, including increased creativity and motivation among staff member.  

You can check out our dedicated office design page here.

I hope that you enjoyed this weeks blog post!

Be Creative….

Joanne & the Think Contemporary team.

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