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So, many of us are extending and renovating our homes now instead of moving. And with this comes the hiring of trades people. Now it’s fair to say that builders don’t really have the best reputation in the world, but when you find a good one they are keepers! With years of experience and many many renovation projects under our belts as a leading interior design studio in Dublin, we know the importantance of finding the right builder for your project, so we have outlined some simple steps to follow below……..

Google it & ask the neighbours!
Before choosing your builder, make sure to do some research. The research you put in at the start will stand to you and will give you a better understanding of the project ahead. Firstly I would ask your family and friends for recommendations, as this can really be one of the best ways to find your builder. Make sure to go and look at their previous work and ask the previous clients if they had any concerns. Listen for tell tell signs of disputes, and listen to your gut, if it doesn’t feel right then it generally isn’t.

Stuff to get done!
Draw up a clear scope of work, specification of all finishes, fixtures and fittings and a check list. This will depend on the size of the project, as large projects may require planning permission and architectural drawings. If this is the case then your architect, would specify the job. Work specifications should describe the type of work to be carried out and what is required from the builder. I would go through this with a fine tooth comb as issues can arise here, e.g. dealing with any other trades, clearing the site after work, removing rubbish etc. When attaining your quote, ensure that timescales are included and wherever possible ask for a fixed quote rather than estimates or PC sums which are subject to change.

Lets do this!
Designing or renovating a house should be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. A professional building contractor will help you to realise your vision for the project and come in on budget. Get at least three written quotes from different builders – do not always choose the cheapest. Make sure that all quotes reflect the same scope of work, specification in terms of materials, site clearance, time scale and budget etc..

A builder does a lot more than just provide you with a finished home he will also build a relationship with you so you can have confidence in his work and his profession. He will help and guide you through the building process, obtain quotes for the work outside his scope, manage trades e.g. plumbers and electrician and monitor their progress.

Tick it off
Before signing any contract, make sure you check out the following.

– Insurance P/L ( Public Liability)

– Signed contract

– Scope of work

– All persons employed by contractor insured and certified

– Experience in his field and do check out previous work

– If an architect is engaged do involve them in signing off at each stage of the build


We really hope that this helps you, and that you have a fantastic and exciting project. If you need some extra help with design and managing a renovation project, as part of our full service we have a trusted list of suppliers (including builders) that we would go out to tender for you. We can also manage the whole project and be the go between for your project. If you are looking for expert interior designers in Ireland than please contact us now.