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Do endless decisions around a renovation project exhaust you? Are you someone who has a lot on their plate already? If so, then the stress that comes along with having to make endless decisions is something you prefer to keep at bay.

If you’ve ever been involved in a home renovation project before, you know that there’s absolutely no shortage of decisions to be made. And who really wants to deal with all of that?

In this article, we’re here to help you out! How? As one of the leading Interior Designers Ireland has, we have compiled 5 simple and easy-to-remember tricks that are guaranteed to give you more time to relax and spend your precious free time doing something you love. Here goes!

Create checklists

Sounds boring, right? But studies have shown that people perform better when they have written down what they need to do. Why should you bother with checklists? Well, they reduce the amount of mental energy you need to spend trying to remember endless tasks and responsibilities that you have on your plate.

What’s more, you can break tasks down into baby steps. By doing so, you’ve reduced stress levels and increased the chances of carrying out a successful project. How’s that for two birds and one stone?!

Onto the next!

Get organised and stay organised

This may seem like a daunting task, but have faith. A little goes a long way when it comes to scheduling. What you want to do is plan important decisions in advance. By doing so, you’ll save yourself from unnecessary stress, and it will also do wonders for your wallet as well.

At the end of the day, failing to plan is planning to fail. So, get organised. Create a schedule and stick to it. Know when critical decisions need to be made. And, make sure that you contact your contractor well ahead of time, so that you’re both on the same page.

After that you should…

Find someone you can trust

Your advisor may be your partner, a friend or relative, local handyman or a paid professional. Whoever they are, you want the person to be someone you can trust. 

And what we mean by that is, the person you work with needs to be someone who will be able to take your ideas, see whether they’re practical or not, and then advise you accordingly.

This will make the difference between constantly second-guessing yourself and never coming to a final decision, and making confident decisions because someone’s backing you up.

Also, since we’ve mentioned getting help with decision making, you should:

Delegate the work

Having the right (qualified) person make the right decisions is one of the best ways to reduce decision fatigue.

Not sure whether two elements work together in your living room? Ask an interior designer, like us! We’re pro’s, and we’ll be able to tell you what goes and what doesn’t.

So, by delegating you can take the stress of making complicated and stressful decisions right out of your life. And as a result, you guessed it, you’ll be reducing decision fatigue. 

Now, it’s time for our final tip.

Take your time

It’s important to note: not all decisions need to be made right away. If you’ve fallen into the trap of thinking they do, then you may be in the fast lane heading toward decision fatigue.

As you’re making decisions, remember to pause frequently. Also, prioritise decisions. If something can wait, then let it wait.

By following these simple steps, you’ll ensure that your batteries are always charged and you’ll create modern interior design for your home. Remember, rest and your health is just as important as getting the work done itself.

And if all this seems super overwhelming already, rest assured that we do this for our bread and butter. It comes naturally to us to help guide our clients to make the best decisions stress-free! So if you have an upcoming project you’d like some help with we’d be happy to talk through our process with you.