How’s your Multiple Division?

Good Morning,

So I wanted to talk about room dividers today. There are more and more of us living in apartments now, and not just couples. Families are also living in apartments, unfortunately not having the option to upgrade. So we need to be even more thoughtful about how the space is going to work for you.

Pic 1

Room dividers are a great way to divide a room, but without putting up a wall. The obvious way to do this is to use a bookcase, which is both functional and practical.

Pic 2

But of course I am going to show you some other interesting ways that you can divide you room, creating useful working zones. Reclaimed materials are still very big and we love this use of old windows or doors to create a divide. Pic 3

A little bit more detailed are these fab panels. We particularly love the panel on the left. I’m digging angled lines at the moment, although my colleague Anthony thinks that they are too eighties…. 🙂

Pic 4

Again, back to a slightly more conventional means of dividing a room, the wall, but these are two very clever ways of doing it.

Pic 5

If you are currently living in an apartment, just remember that it is key to create usable zones, especially if it is an open plan room.

Be Creative….

The Think Contemporary Team.


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