Image Interiors January/February 2011

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Anthony Buggy and Joanne Kelly of interior architecture and design consultancy Think Contemporary, noticed a for retro and vintage furniture a few months ago and wondered how they could do it differently. Spotting an old chest of drawers in Oxfam, they decided to give it their signature quirky stamp. We stripped it down, painted it an acrylic black, sourced the vinyl image, and then painted and replaced the handles.” Anthony says. The idea led to their upcycled collection, which now include a colourful dresser and a series of vivid side tables, as well as some quirky accessories. “We’re always on the look out for something with very simple lines, that is not too fussy.” he continues. So what do they recommend when looking for a new piece? “Find something thats in good condition, know what you want from the beginning and what to expect of the final outcome. We get ideas from the pieces we work with so we know where we’re going initially, but it’s good to be adaptable.” Anthony recommends using colours that suit your own style and interiors and not “going too mad” on larger pieces. In a time when business is slowing, Think Contemporary’s upcycling collection has proved to be hugely successful. “We weren’t prepared to sit back and let things pass us by,” Anthony says. “It’s all down to attitude.” Which is exactly what upcycling is all about.

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