It’s all in the detail!

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When we think of the word ‘industrial’ we began to think of exposed beams, brick, and metal. However, I would like to focus on the more subtle details that seem to be appearing in many of the recent design projects throughout the city.

Subtle details such as lighting, furniture and even accessories can really add an interesting feature to an interior. Whether you have a modern or vintage approach, industrial elements can add an edge to your design.     

1. Mix & Match

This interior has been modernised but still preserves much of its original charm. Details such as the over sized pendant light and reclaimed timber dining table complement the contemporary style kitchen.

2.    It’s the little things!

Industrial objects and accessories seem to be quite popular these days. They are no longer seen as rough and harsh but more as unique elements  that can produce quite a striking feature. They can add personality to a design creating a very distinguished look.


3. The beauty of design is in the eye of the beholder!

Below are a couple of examples of current industrial style commercial interiors. What do you think?

Pizza East, Shoreditch, London.

Musique Cafe, Athens, Greece.

Server Bar, St. Petersburg.

Barber Shop, Amsterdam.

 Pride & Glory Head Office, Krakow, Poland.

Industrial elements don’t have to result in harsh, uninviting interior spaces. By using the right mix of old and new elements, your interior can be transformed into a really interesting space. Try adding a pop of colour to create a more friendly and inviting environment.


Make sure to keep an eye out for interesting industrial details that seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment!

Be creative……..

Think Contemporary Team.

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