Munster Interiors May 2011

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While times of uncertainty always spark a tendency to look back to the past, affordability and sustainability are also behind our current love affair with vintage, according to Joanne Kelly of  Think Contemporary Interior Architecture and Design, which works in the area of upcycled furniture and accessories. ”The older generations did not throw away their furniture and this is why we have some beautiful early to mid-20th century pieces now. We are reusing and recycling old pieces as opposed to always buying new,” she says. Sideboards, dining chairs, coffee tables and side tables, including nests of tables are the popular pieces of the moment, according to Joanne. “All of them are very easy to incorporate into a retro or contemporary interior,” she remarks.  Joanne and Anthony Buggy (also of Think Contemporary) source pieces for upcycling from family, auctions, secondhand shops and websites. “ and Dublin Waste are free and and have a fee but it’s generally quite small,” says Joanne. “You have to look at the potential though as most of the pieces that we upcycle are in bad condition and in need of quite a bit of work.” The simpler the piece, the

easier it is to upcycle, according to Joanne. “Stick to nice clean lines. 1940s to 1960s style furniture works very well. Make sure to examine pieces thoroughly, as there can be hidden damage like woodworm. Very ornate furniture doesn’t work that well, as there is too much detail,” she counsels

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