Musical Chairs with Tables!

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So I just wanted to follow on from last weeks newsletter, and have a look at some dining tables and chairs. It is very easy to just opt for a simple table and chairs, but you can really create a wow factor. I have looked at a few different styles, from high end contemporary to DIY options.

Check them out and let me know what you think….

Contemporary Elegance 

Pic 1

Although all of these dining tables and chairs are simple in design, each of them has a beautiful element to them, whether that is the shape or the material. One of my all time favourite chairs is the Hans Wegner Wishbone chair (Above left image). They come in a variety of different colours and finishes.

Pic 2

Industrial Chic

Pic 3

Industrial furniture has been slowly making an appearance in Ireland over the last few years, with stores like Industry opening. It is certainly not a style for everyone, but if you want something interesting and quirky, then it could be an option for you. It is also a great style to work with if you have kids. As the elements are more rustic and chunky it is a lot more durable.

Pic 4Colourful Retro

Pic 5

I’m a big fan of retro furniture and adding colour into the mix, well what can I say…… Again this is not for everyone but if you want to introduce colour in a new and exciting way, then why not consider a painted finish. It is fun and creative and gives a new lease of life to new or old furniture. If you are good at DIY then you could attempt some of these options yourself, if not then take your furniture to a professional sprayer.
Pic 6

Pic 7

I really hope that this weeks newsletter has inspired you to think differently about your table and chairs. They can be just as fun and creative as any other aspect in your home or office for that matter.

Until next week!

Be Creative….

The Think Contemporary team.


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