Now you can air your Dirty Laundry…..

Good Morning!

So not many of us are lucky enough to have a dedicated utility room, but for those of us that do, they generally tend to be function over form. This is totally understandable but I don’t think that it should be a room to be forgotten. It is a room that is solely dedicated to working, so wouldn’t it be nice to have something cool, quirky and interesting to look at.

Here are some great inspiration ideas for your unloved utility rooms…..

Pic 1

Just because this room is rarely seen by vistors doesn’t mean that it has to be blank. Really love these quirky rooms, check out the cool trough sink (above)

Pic 2

The wallpaper is a really nice addition to this room. Would you consider wallpaper in your utility?

Pic 3

Pic 4

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, like these two amazing sinks (below)

Pic 5

If you only have the space for a closet utility, then why not consider some really cool doors. Love these barn style doors!!!

Pic 7

If you are considering a project or you are in the middle of one and need some advice, then why not avail of our free in studio consultation. All you have to do is call 01 4370933 to book an appointment.

Pic 4

Be Creative….

The Think Contemporary Team.

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