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Set Up to Succeed
75% of new coworking spaces turn a profit in 2 years.
Budget Friendly
We work with your budget to achieve the look and style of a space that will attract the right clients.
More Than a Workspace
A Coworking Space is more than just a place to get work done – its a community and a place to collaborate. We understand that.
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What are
the Benefits
of Coworking spaces?

Diversify your offering and put under-used space to work by converting it into a profitable coworking area.

The number of coworking spaces worldwide is projected to soon cross 20,000 and reach 25,968 by 2022, an increase of 42% from 2019. This would also mean that there has been an average increase of 2,595 new spaces every year since 2015.

Looking at the increase in the number of Coworking spaces and boutique spaces around us today, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

In cities all over the world we are seeing a change in how people work and how offices are thought of. The likes of coworking giants like WeWork have brought the concept of coworking spaces to the mainstream with their Silicon Valley style of interiors and rethinking how an office or workplace should look and function.

Who uses
coworking spaces?

If the new coworking spaces Dublin workers are using are still a bit of a mystery to you then you might be wondering just what types of workers who choose to use coworking spaces.

Here are the types of professionals that might apply to use your coworking space:

  • Start Ups
    The relatively lower costs, atmosphere of collaboration, cool interior and on-site services of coworking spaces appeal to the start-up market. Many coworking space operators also put on events and networking opportunities for their residents.
  • Freelance Designers
    Working at home or in random cafes can get boring and lonely - coworking can provide a sense community with coworkers, on-site facilities like printing machines, café facilities, meeting rooms and Skype phone booths.
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  • Charities & Non-Profits
    Coworking spaces are also perfect for this sector as collaboration, networking and lower rents are ideal for this market. The opportunities coworking spaces present to meet startups and individuals who may be able to offer their expertise all make sense for Charities and Non-profits. Fuse Factory, for example, is a coworking space who specifically target towards the non-profit sector in America. Their aim is to create a non-profit community / incubator where the overall goal these synergies offer is to increase net revenue of all non-profits in the space by 10% in the first twelve months.
  • Large Organisations in Need of Flexibility
    Larger organisations and established companies that need the flexibility that coworking offers can utilize these spaces where desk space in the main office is at a premium. They use Coworking spaces to host employees with flexible working arrangements or contact employees who will be with them for a short period (think of workers from multi-national organisations) An Intuit report predicts that this trend might become the norm by 2020, with “more than 80 percent of large corporations planning to substantially increase their use of a flexible workforce”. 

Coworking Space Cost to Run

In order for your coworking space to be successful you need a strategy to entice your target market.

Making Use of Space
Each desk is important – you need to maximize the number of desks you can accommodate without sacrificing on the overall look of your business. You don’t want an overcrowded and uncomfortable space for your patrons.
What Works?
Typically in the UK for example, offices would estimate somewhere around 8 square meters per person on average. Coworking spaces on the other hand will work on the basis of around 5 square meters per person – this does largely depend on the building you are working from.
Access All Areas
It’s a reality that the ratio of people per square metre impacts on the fire strategies and how your fire escape route planning will be structured to fit the appropriate number of clients. Your coworking office must also ensure sure that disabled customers and clients are able to access all areas.
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Your USP
The visual appeal of your office will be key to attracting and retaining clients. Though you will also need to consider how your coworking workplace will add value to your clients working day. A successful coworking facility will have some unique feature that differentiates them from their competitors
Your clients are relying on you to ensure that their workspace, their laptops, phones, workspace contents remain safe and secure – within reason. Therefore, good quality cameras and an alarm (as well as network security) systems are must have items.
Design & Fitout
Your capital budget will mainly be spent on the design and fit for your space. It will prove to be your single largest expenditure. That is why it’s so important to get the design right and have the right team around you.
Maximising the number of clients your space can accommodate without feeling cramped will be key to making a return on your investment in a reasonable time. We can help you achieve this through space optimisation at the start of your project.


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