Order Your Chaos!

So, when it comes to our hallways, coats get thrown on the end of the banisters, shoes get kicked off, “or not,” and the keys get thrown into a bowl on the console table…. Sound familiar?

Our halls should be used as a room, and storage is a key element in this room, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, our hall is our homes first impression.

Hang it Up

Images sourced from Huset.com & Google Images

There are lots of cool and quirky coat stands and coat hangers out there, which are both practical and can be a bit of a statement piece. The trees, in the above image look amazing with or without coats hanging on them. I love them so much, I have one in my own hall, which is constantly covered with coats, but still looks great.

Put it on the Wall 

Images Sourced from HousetoHome.co.uk

So I know I might be stating the obvious here, but using wall storage is great in a hallway particularly if you don’t have a large hall. And I thought that some of these might be a great alternative to the standard shelves or wall cupboard, especially if you have kids, they can have a cubby each.

Images Sourced from asimplelifeafloat.com & HousetoHome.co.uk

If you don’t need large storage for shoes and the like, although I think most of us do, here are some alternatives. I love the use of the small boxes running down the length of the hall, and they double as a picture shelf. Would you believe that these are Ikea, painted the same colour as the wall?

Hide it Under Your Stairs

Images Sourced from HousetoHome.co.uk

We seldom fully utilise the space under our stairs and it be a great place to grab some extra storage from. Check out these great ideas, to really make use of that empty space.

Other bits & bobs

 Images Sourced from HousetoHome.co.uk

If your hall is a little bit more roomy, then here are some fab pieces of furniture that will keep the clutter at bay and look great at the same time. The chest of drawers is by an amazing designer in the UK, Zoe Murphy.

As always we would love to hear from you! Do you have any quirky storage in your hallway? Make sure and let us know….

Be Creative….

Joanne & the Think Contemporary team.

Oh and if you have any questions or you’re just feeling uninspired, you can email me on [email protected]

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