Why Ply? Plywood Kitchen Design Inspiration

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When we think of using wood in our homes, what comes to mind? Oak, Walnut, Cherry, etc. Well Plywood is the new wood of choice for many design conscience people. This material has been used in the building trade for years, but never in clear sight until fairly recently. Not only has this timber a beautiful grain but it is also a sustainable material.

Here are some of our favourite uses for Plywood throughout your home:


Pic 1

Pic 2Living Spaces

Pic 3Flooring

Pic 4Bedroom

Pic 5Furniture

Pic 6Study

Pic 7

If you are considering doing work in your home in the near furniture, then maybe you could consider integrating plywood. Believe me, you own’t regret it….. 🙂

Be Creative…

The Think Contemporary Team.