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feasibility study - planning stage

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Does your office need a refresh? Do you want to optimise office space now your team works within a hybrid model?

You need a Feasibility Study

As an interior design service provider specialising in office design, we know that a feasibility study is a crucial first step in any successful project. It is a detailed analysis of your office space, how it can be put to use and identifying any potential challenges or obstacles that could arise during the design and construction process.

By performing a feasibility study, we can help you minimize risk, maximize success, and ensure that the outcome is aligned with your goals and objectives. We can identify any areas where things could be optimized or improved, making sure that you get the most value out of your office space. As experienced interior designers, we understand the unique challenges of  office design, and we have the expertise to help you perform a feasibility study that is tailored specifically to your needs.




Develop a Questionnaire that will find out what your employees need to work most effectively


Spatial Planning – maximize or right-size your layout


Analyse how the current space is being used and how it can be optimised for how your team work now


Create a concept design proposal developed around your specific needs and branding


Outline the benefits of proposed design solutions that are aligned with your business goals


Propose an estimate budget and timeline

At the end of this process you will have a detailed proposal and plan that you can bring forward to secure funding – it will demonstrate a need, have a timeline for delivery as well as an estimated budget to support your proposal.

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Find out what is feasible for your business

Post-pandemic employees recognise that there are many ways to work effectively and they want flexibility within their working environments. 

We at Think Contemporary understand how to design office spaces that cater to those needs which in turn increase productivity, employee satisfaction, retention and collaboration for your particular company giving you the competitive edge, but we understand it can be a big step with an abundance of information. 

Therefore we have developed a bespoke offer that businesses can take part in, to understand what is needed and their options alongside a proposed design, estimated projected costs and benefits so you can make a comprehensive decision about what direction your company should go in.

After working for over 10 years in the office design industry we know that investing into this initial planning phase to understand what the best solutions are for your team and what is feasible within the space that you have will ultimately save you time, money and resources.



We would love to talk to you about your upcoming project, arrange a call with one of our designers to see if we can help you.

We Help With

Future proofing your office

The interior design of your office space is more powerful than you may realise. It has the ability to increase employee statisfaction, retention, productivity and more. Hybrid workspaces, or one step further, ‘Agile workspaces’ look at a work environment that incorporates flexibility into its design. Essentially this design allows employees to work in different environments, from home to different dedicated spaces in the office. We at Think Contemporary specialise in this area and can work with you to create a workplace that embraces this new way of working.

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