Stepping Out in Style!

Good morning all!

I hope you are enjoying the amazing weather. Well I can only speak for myself but I will most certainly be living outside as much as possible this week. Chilling in the sunshine and enjoying some barbecues.

And for most of us it’s only when we are spending time out in our back gardens that we notice all the work that needs to be done. So I thought that I would show some really gorgeous examples of Indoor Outdoor spaces.

Tile on Tile

I absolutely love this tile on tile living room/patio. It opens up  the entire space and makes it one. Now I know that the door will be closed for 90% of the time here but it will still create a really great sense of space while indoors.

Stone on Stone

Again, I think that this is probably more suited to warmer climates (unless you put a big cosy rug down) but I like the quirky mix of crazy paving and clean lines.

Concrete on Concrete

This one is for the braver one of us out there, but I think that its amazing. Polished concrete for the interior meeting a matt concrete for the exterior.

Wood on Stone

This one will probably appeal to more of you as the indoor space has the warmth of a timber floor, meeting a very beautiful granite slab for the outdoor space. Much more practical in this country I think…..

Wood on Wood

How amazing is this space? And one of the reasons that I think this space is so successful is, they ran the floor boards in the same direction from indoors to outdoors, suggesting the it is all the one space.

Well one can dream, can’t they! 🙂

So hopefully while you are sitting in your garden this week, some of the images above will inspire you to create a cool indoor/outdoor space.

If you are considering a project or you’re in the middle of one and just need some inspiration, then why not avail of our open studio, where you can meet with one of our designers in the studio for some advice. All you have to do is call 01 4370933 to book an appointment.


Be Creative…..

The Think Contemporary Team.


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