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As a company are you working towards reopening your offices but finding it hard developing the right strategy on how exactly to do it?

Our ‘new normal’ means considering things like employee safety, space configuration and timingsAlongside this, people want to work within a hybrid model, splitting their work week between home and the office. These things are clear, but how do they translate into everyday operational reality?

We’re here to help you make sure you don’t miss some crucial components when you do. Below are some key considerations for re-opening your office;

Zoom meetings aren’t going anywhere fast, therefore good acoustics is an important element to think about when redesigning your office space. With fewer people physically in a meeting combined with various people joining virtually, people need to be able to hear each other so proper acoustics need to be taken into consideration.

Furniture & Fixtures

Spaces might need to be adapted quickly to accommodate more or less people using it at one time. Therefore, things like furniture, fixtures and partitions should be tailored to support this, but also look good within your office design setting.


There are plenty of ways to use technology to improve the new workplace. One of the biggest ways agile/hybrid workplaces are able to be implemented is because of the use of laptops; allowing people to move freely with their work. So making sure the right set up for laptops, multiple plug in points etc. is important. Then using technology for having a workplace app for booking meeting rooms, knowing how many people are in the office, and finding a desk is great. Also, especially since Covid-19, consider changing to a contactless office, using smart sensor technology.


Safe hygiene and cleaning protocols have been the most significant considerations to come out of the pandemic and they need to be implemented correctly when designing your workplace. Creating protocols so employees can indicate an area has been cleaned or considerations in spatial planning like ‘one way systems’ are very important.

All these points are fundamental to this ‘new phase’ of office design, however this is also an opportunity to reinvent your office smartly to embrace the world we are in now. Traditional office structures will underutilise space and could waste money. We at Think Contemporary have the experience and training to improve your work space so you can open safely and efficiently. Get in touch if you would like to work together today.