Timber doesn’t have to be yellow!

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Timber floors are something that most of us have in our homes, but lets be honest the vast majority is oak, that possibly has a yellow tint to it. Well I want to show you that there are other options out there.

Parquet / Herringbone

Pic 1
I love parquet flooring, and I think that it can work in most interiors. You don’t have to have a 3 storey Georgian house for this beautiful floor to work. Here are some examples of Herringbone floors and Parquet Floors. Some are a bit quirkier than other. 🙂Pic 2

I’m sorry, but how cool are these painting timber floors. Ok, I agree that this might be too adventurous for a lot of people, but it could look unbelievable in a hallway.

Pic 3

Pale Timbers

Pic 4

When selecting a timber floor, most people will want something neutral that will work with pretty much everything and that last for the long term. And I totally agree with this, however, American Oak is one of the most popular floors out there, but this has a very distinctive yellow tone, which does not work with everything. Quite the opposite.

Pic 5

So, a much better option is to go for a paler oak, liked a limed or white washed oak. This is a much more natural wood tone, and is a much more neutral palette.

Pic 6

I hope that we will make you consider your choice of timber floor that bit more in the future, as it really is a key element to any interior.

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