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Residential Interior Design Services – Making Your House Your Home.



Interior Design.


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What Does an Interior Designer Do?

Ask two people ‘what is interior design?‘ and you are likely to get two different answers. Residential interior design means more than getting the right ‘look’ for a room – it involves designing a space for how you will use it.

As a practie it covers a wide range of skillsets – from the creative design and architecture to elements of project management and budget management.

As a profession it is still quite new, compared to more established careers – and as a result it is not regulated. That is why its all the more important you work with qualified interior designers.

Some think of interior design at its “fluffier” interior-decoration end of the spectrum. When, in fact, interior design of large interior design project involved working with a host of stakeholders – from clients, to retailers as well as architects, engineers, health and safety professionals as well as tradespeople.

To deal with this complex area, your interior designer, or their team of specialists, should have a knowledge of:

  • Current Design styles;
  • Spatial planning;
  • Conduct a survey as to how the space to be designed is actually used;
  • Appropriate use of construction and materials;
  • Relevant policy, procedures, regulations and approvals;
  • Procurement and project management;
  • Technical aspects (acoustics, lighting, audio visual equipment, Smart Home devices)
  • Sustainability;
  • Biophilics
  • When to bring in specialist consultants;
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Think Contemporary provided the perfect mix of professional on-trend advice, support, leadership, reliability and availability. – Neil Collins, HR Director, Saon Group

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Home Renovation
Over the years, our studio has worked with many construction contractors. With the best of them, we support contacts. If there is such a need, we can select a contractor for your project.
Hospitality Design
We provide a full range of services to the hospitality sector – whether your project is in restaurant design, hotel interior design or bar rebrand or refurbishment – we are the right choice for your project.
Kitchen Design
In cities all over the world we are seeing a change in how people work and how offices are thought of. The likes of coworking giants like WeWork have brought the concept of coworking spaces to the mainstream with their Silicon Valley style of interiors and rethinking how an office or workplace should look and function.
The Importance of Residential Interior Design.

Our residential Interior design method provides our clients with a visually pleasing interior, but one which also functions for how you live your life – from storage right down to where we place the plug sockets – the small details matter.

At home, you want a relaxing space that works for you – a place where you can retreat after a long day. We help you achieve that.

Have an exciting project? We’re happy to help you.

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