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Good Morning!

What a beautiful weekend!!! I hope you all enjoyed the break.

Generally there is quite a bit of interior work also completed when you add an extension to your home and one of the main areas that is upgraded is the kitchen.

This is an investment purchase and one that should not be made lightly. You need to do your research and really understand exactly what you need from your new kitchen. Yes, the overall look and feel of the kitchen is important but the most important thing is that it is functional.

Over the next few weeks I am going to show you some fantastic interior fittings, lighting, finishes and gadgets that will make your kitchen ultra cool and functional. But to start with here is some inspiration…. These kitchens are a little bit different to the norm, so hopefully they will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone when selecting your next kitchen….

Light & Dark

When selecting a kitchen the easy choice is to just opt for white or off white, as you won’t get sick of it. Right? Well think again…. There are lots more neutral options out there that will stand the test of time. What do you think of these timber and black kitchens?

Timber kitchens have really taken the back seat for the last few years, with high gloss and painted finishes being the more popular option, but its making a come back, and we are loving it.

Graceful Grey

Grey has been and still is the go to colour palette for a lot of us, and why should that change when selecting a kitchen. Just be careful with your tones, and consider the orientation of the room. If you are concerned that it will be too dull or cold, then introduce a warmer material such as timber or a colour to break the grey. We love what they did in this kitchen above.

Something Different

If you are looking for something completely different then look at using different materials or different colours. Tiles are a great way to introduce interest into a space if you want to keep the cabinets a bit more muted.

So just remember to really do your research, and understand what you are looking for before you make the purchase.

Be Creative….
The Think Contemporary Team.