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Wallpaper is something that we don’t tend to use very much in our projects. However, when I came across this company Photo Wall recently when sourcing wallpaper for a project I was just blow away. They don’t tend to supply the traditional style wallpaper that pattern repeats, but offer beautiful large scale designs that take over the entire wall. 

Here are some of our favourite designs:

Circle Mid Century VIII

 This stunning wallpaper is inspired by the designs of the mid twentieth century, with its bold and colourful pattern. This design can be easily adapted in any space to create a real wow factor.

 Weaving II

Weaving II is a slightly more subtle design but it still packs a punch. It is a more organic style design with a neutral palette so will probably work with a large range of colours and styles. 

As you can see from the inspiration image, this wallpaper sits very well within a neutral palette but you could easily offset it with brighter and bolder colours.  

 Stallion Roan

This wallpaper, while neutral is not for the faint hearted. It’s bold and graphic design is impactful and could make or break a room.   

If you are considering this style of wallpaper, then this is your statement in the space. You need to keep everything else to a minimum and let it do the talking.  

 Watercolour Stripes

You just can’t beat a classic stipe, but they have elevated this design and softened the line with a watercolour edge. This design could be used throughout the house, but it is perfect for a bedroom. 

This design could be used throughout the house but it is perfect for a bedroom

 City Forms

And last but not least we have a stunning geometric cityscape. This design is a lovely mix between bold and subtle, as the design is bold but the colours are subtle.  

Again this is a wallpaper that could be used anywhere in the house and will hugely elevate the space. 

 If you are currently looking for a wallpaper for your home, then why not check these out here. 

We hope you enjoy browsing through the beautiful designs, and if you have any design related questions or need help with your interior, please just book in a call above.