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There are many ways that you can create a feature, an impact or a statement in office design, but one of the most effective both in terms of aesthetics and cost is the flooring.

Here are some of our favourite flooring suppliers that are breaking the mould when it comes to innovative design:


Interface are a global company who supply carpet tiles. They are constantly exceeding their design creativity and they are one of the most innovative carpet tile companies around.

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Modulyss are also a global company who supply carpet tiles. While their designs may not be as creative as Interface, their textures and colour palettes are amazing and most definitely make them stand out from the crowd.

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Bolon is a Swedish company that was set up 60 years ago. The product is a result of the innovative and resourceful mind of Nils-Erik Eklund who saw the waste from textile manufacturing and turned it into a beautiful product.

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Well I hope that we have opened your mind to the possibilities of flooring. If you are considering an office renovation in the near future then why not contact us to book your free consultation.