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We are in a time of great change.

As the country is slowly starting to open back up again, companies are forced to look at how to welcome workers back into the office. Some people might be dying to get back in and others might be dreading it! Either way, this period has demonstrated the ability and benefits of the hybrid working model, which is often the best of both worlds. Taking it to the next level, the agile working design, which incorporates the hybrid (remote working) model has huge advantages and will help employees ease back into a new normal. 

At Think Contemporary we specialise in office design and we love how it can positively impact companies and their employees. The core of an agile workplace is flexibility and productivity which can bring huge benefits to your company, ensuring you are growing and evolving with the times.

Below we have outlined a few;

  • Optimising Your Office Space

Even before Covid-19 and WFH, companies were spending money on office space that was under-utilised. When you move to an agile work environment, you will start to optimise space within the office which will result in a more cost effective workplace.

  • Get the Best in the Industry, and Keep Them! 

Advancements in technology have meant that most of us can work effectively anywhere. In this modern world, the option to work where and when you want is highly sought after, especially by young people. The agile workplace offers this, showing employees they are trusted and valued. These qualities in a company attract the top talent who remain loyal to your company; staying longer and performing better!

  • Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

A happy employee is a more productive employee. The pandemic has shifted people’s priorities, they now see they can do their work and also pick their kids up from school, or fit in their workout. Flexibility, especially in a post-pandemic world, will be a main reason for job satisfaction. And a happy employee will be more motivated to yield the best results for their job. Then within the office environment the agile design creates the best spaces for specific needs allowing people to focus or collaborate.

  • Foster Collaboration, Innovation and Creativity

Within an agile workspace, people feel more free to work together and this allows for creativity, experimentation and innovation to grow in a company. People communicate better across departments and within teams, it can stimulate new ideas and ways of thinking rather than people feeling isolated within a company


Our leading interior designers in Ireland have years of expertise in this area. If you’d like to speak to us about how to embrace and transform hybrid and agile working into your office space, please get in touch.