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An office is more than just a place where employers and their employees sit down and work. It’s a projection of a company culture’s and its core values. Offices usually evolve organically. They grow as the business expands. This growth should also be projected in the size and design of the working environment.

The best office design spaces will most certainly depend on the type of your business. To maximize the value of your office when choosing the right space for you and your business, take these parameters into consideration.

  1. Location

The location of your business is probably one of the most important aspects to take into account when choosing an office space. Choosing a site that is easily accessible both to your employees and your clients is important.

Having some potential after work social spots (supermarkets, shops, bars, gyms) in the surrounding area of your business quarters can always be beneficial. It can encourage your employees to go out together after work hours and help strengthen their team spirit.

  1. Optimizing Space and Layout

Moving your office and changing location is a costly process. To reduce the impact of the move, look for a space that doesn’t need large-scale adaptation or altercations.

Finding a space that will 100% match your requirements is not highly likely. Look forĀ  blank spaces that can easily be customized with a coat of paint, partition walls, or furniture and lighting fixtures. Or at this point engage with an office design expert who can help you by creating a office space that suits your needs, optimises your space and encourages staff wellbeing and productivity. They can create a new layout makes sure that every square meter is effectively used for the specific tasks your employees might have.

  1. Power is in the Beauty

People react to aesthetically pleasant surroundings, items, and living things like plants. Beautiful places and experiences are memorable, and our working environment should make the same impact on potential clients and employees alike.

Creating a beautiful and functional space requires a lot of thinking. The complexity of any work environment requires careful planning of each workspace element.

With years of experience in office design, our team at Think Contemporary can help you and your team to get the perfectly planned and designed work space that is both appealing and practical.

  1. Growth Potential

If you are planning to expand your business in the near future, consider potential growth when choosing an office space. Moving can be an expensive and disruptive process. Look for a space that can accommodate your growth from the start.

  1. Amenities

Additional amenities such as air purifiers, air-conditioning, lighting and connectivity are equally important as the location, layout and design of your space. Don’t forget to take them into consideration when creating your office space, as you and your employees can only benefit from these supplementary enhancements.

  1. Lighting

Careful placement and installation of the light fixtures and sources is one of the most important steps of any interior design process. Working environments are no exception to this rule.

Making the most of the natural light is always the best option. Think about this when choosing your office space, opting for somewhere with windows and natural lighting options. This said, artificial light plays a very important role too. The best way to create a welcoming atmosphere in your office is to have inviting lights.

If you are thinking of redesigning your office space or moving into a new location and would like to have some help from our office design experts to ensure that all of the above and more is looked after than get in touch with us now. We offer a in-person consultation of your office space and get to meet with you and understand your unique business needs. Contact us now to discuss your project