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Hey there!

So we are moving into the bedroom this week in our guide to home renovation.

Week 5: The Bedroom

For most of us our bedroom is our sanctuary from the stresses of daily life, so it is really important that this space works extra hard for you.

Now, this is a space that really comes down to personal preference. Some of us will want the space to be light and airy while others love the idea of a dark and cosy space.

Here are some of our favourites:

Dark colours can really add to the cocoon like feeling that we want in a bedroom. Whether the room is north or south facing darker colours will work equally aswell. However, the lighting is key in this type of space, so ensure that you are getting the right tone of light.

Offsetting a dark wall with a brighter colour is super impactful. Check out the amazing pale pink beds in the images above. And yes, my love of pale pink is most definitely growing.

Personally, I love to add colour to my spaces, which most definitely includes my bedroom. I find that a colourful space is uplifting and it makes me happy, so why not go all out.

I am also a big fan of contrasting colour and not going too monotone, so have fun with the colour scheme.

This one is a slightly braver choice but works so well. Introducing pattern into your space adds impact and intrigue. There are many ways of embracing this style, so if you like the idea but are afraid to take the leap then why not stick with neutral colours or play around with mirrors.

Now, if all of the above has slightly terrified you then these last inspiration pics might be the ones for you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying neutral but you have to add texture.

Playing with textures in a neutral space adds another dimensions and gives more interest to the space. I particularly love the mic of concrete and timber in the image below.

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Whatever your style may be, layer up the textures and ensure that the lighting is good and your room will be a relaxed success.

Be Creative….
The Think Contemporary Team.