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Office design is one of our biggest sectors and we have seen how trends have changed over the last few years. It is not just design trends that have changed but the way in which people use and interact with the space. People and the workplace are constantly changing and adapting and as designers it is our job to foresee some of these changes:

Health and Wellbeing

A breakout space in Tourism Ireland, one of our recent projects.

Wellbeing among staff is fast becoming one of the most important elements for a company when designing their workspace. Companies are fast embracing this new way of working and research is proving that a well workplace is a healthy workplace.

  •  A very large consideration for companies when engaging with a new design for their workspace is attracting new talent and retaining the employees that they have. Wellness within the workplace and environmental factors are key elements that incoming generations are looking for when selecting a place to work.
  • There are a number of studies out there linking the physical office environment to employee’s physical and mental health. And I think that this is only going to become more evident in the years to come. This will be a huge factor in the way that designers approach office design
  • We will see a larger amount of products and furniture on the market that will contribute to healthier workplaces. Manufacturers are increasing investment in R&D for more ergonomic and health related benefits.
  • There will also be a significant increase in outdoor spaces, building dependant obviously. It is a very attractive amenity for office environments as well as having health and wellbeing benefits

Coworking Offices

A social space in Office Suites Club, one of our recent projects.

I think we can all agree that the number of coworking spaces has just escalated over the last few years. And it is easy to see the draw of these spaces to small and medium companies. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Companies can take hot desks or office spaces on short term leases with a great host of amenities within the building.
  • There is a well developed community within the building giving any business a good platform for networking and making new connections.
  • A lot of small and medium sized companies do not have the budgets to invest in a cool, well designed workspace. Moving into a coworking building gives them that creative space to thrive in.
  • Options for companies to acquire space without committing to long term leases and

Open Plan vs Private Offices

The open plan office in Tourism Ireland, one of our recent projects.

The debate of open plan vs private offices has been going on for a few years now, but we are definitely noticing a strong steer towards private offices among our clients.

The idea of the open plan has great merit and I don’t think it’s going anywhere to be honest. However, we are going to see private offices making a very strong come back.

The problem with the open plan layout is noise and privacy. Even with the introduction of numerous acoustic solutions, sometimes you need to a bit of quite, whether that’s to read a document or private phone call.

I think that the key to a success balance of privacy vs open is multi functional spaces, i.e casual meeting spaces, breakout spaces and different types of hot desks. The different tasks that employees have to do need to be taken into consideration and the space designed to cater to these needs in a clever way.

If you are planning an office move or renovation in the coming months/year, we would be delighted to discuss your office needs and plans with you, and we’ll even bring the coffee. All you have to do is contact us here.

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