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Good morning!

So following on from last weeks newsletter, I want to look at one of the most important elements in a bathroom, that can so often be overlooked… Storage!!!!

Now I agree that there is probably never enough storage in anybodies home but as there are so many elements in our bathrooms, storage tends to be overlooked and only considered at the end of a renovation.

Here are some lovely examples of how to do storage the right way:

Recessed Storage

To be honest, wasn’t always a fan of recessed storage in a bathroom, but I have hugely changed my opinions in the last while. It not only is a great way to integrate storage but it uses space that would ordinarily go unused. If you are considered this style of storage it needs to be planned into the renovation phase of your project.

Under the Sink!

Utilising the space under the sink is also a great way to incorporate storage. You could opt for an off the shelf unit that will incorporate the sink into it. Or, your could get something bespoke that will suit you needs and space exactly.

On the Wall

If you have the space then wall storage could be the way to go. there are numerous different types of wall units available off the shelf, and can come with or without a mirrored front. Alternatively, if you have a more awkward space, then consider a bespoke unit.

I would urge you to really consider the storage in your bathrooms if you are undergoing a renovation, as it can’t always be added in at the end.

Be Creative….
The Think Contemporary Team.